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Address the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Address the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Suitable for people who are concerned about the appearance of wrinkles, our line softening treatments help to create a revitalised complexion. Compared to more intense treatments, it produces a fresher more relaxed look while still allowing facial expression.

​Line softening treatments help to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles, making them less visible. The treatment temporarily interferes with the transmission of messages between muscles and the nerves that control them, which helps to relax the skin and contribute towards a more youthful appearance.

​Our in-house specialist has years of experience, and most treatments are completed in under an hour.

As a Safe Face accredited practitioner, we put client safety first. We always conduct a full assessment of your history and suitability for any planned procedures. This initial assessment is free of charge and you are not obliged to have any specific treatment. Our goal is to ensure you have all the facts before any treatment, and that you are 100% sure about any treatment you want to book.

​We are located just across from Bannatynes Gym, and welcome clients of all ages (adults only). Learn more about our services today, and get in touch to book.

What areas can be treated?

Frown lines: (also known as the ’11’) above the bridge of the nose.

​Forehead lines: horizontal lines between the hairline and eyebrows.

​Crow’s feet: lines radiating outwards from the corners of the eyes.

​Bunny lines: those that appear along the side of the nose.

​Necklines: those lines produced by the platysma muscle radiating from the lower jaw along the front of the neck and décolleté. Sometimes referred to as ‘turkey neck’ these lines are either horizontal, or vertical bands that are prominent when you clench your teeth.

Other areas: softening ‘smoker’s lines’ around the lips, raising the corners of the mouth, raising the tip of the nose and softening fine cheek lines.

​Treatment costs are £200-290 depending on number areas needing treatment

Is the treatment safe?

Line softening treatments have been used for decades with very few reported cases of more serious side effects. In most cases you may experience redness, soreness and swelling. If you have any concerns about more serious side effects, speak with your GP as soon as possible.

​It is not suitable for those we are pregnant, breast feeding, take blood thinning medications, or have muscle wasting conditions.

We recommend avoiding the following after your treatment:

-Rubbing the treated area until healed
-Lying down or wearing make-up (4 hours)
-Exercise or drinking alcohol (6 hours)
-Facials or long-haul flights (24 hours)

Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor
Excellent results
Andrew Sutcliffe
Andrew Sutcliffe
Dr Takhar is very personable, listens to your needs and advises accordingly. Had several visits and have no hesitation in recommending. Very pleased with the results.
Have had my Botox done here for years and would not go anywhere else. Professional, friendly and a very relaxed atmosphere.
Jackie McBeath
Jackie McBeath
Dr Amrit Takhar was really reassuring and put me at ease for my first Botox treatment. Really pleased with the results.

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