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What is Plexr?

Also known as plasma soft surgery, Plexr is a treatment designed to improve the appearance of skin around the eyes, as well as skin tags and moles. It requires no general anaesthetic, and recovery times are much shorter, allowing you to get on with your day sooner.

​It utilises plasma to help improve the appearance of the skin. At Peterborough Aesthetics we use the latest equipment, and all treatments are carried out by our in-house specialist. Dr Amrit Takhar is an experienced aesthetic doctor with experience in a range of treatments, including dermal fillers.

​Based in Peterborough, we welcome all clients, and offer a tailored, professional and ethical service.

How will it work?

The equipment we use creates plasma by ionising gas particles between the needle and skin, which creates a small electrical arc. This arc carbonises the targeted skin, which helps to remove blemishes, excess skin around the eyes, moles and skin tags.

​Depending on the area we are treating, you can be done in 10-40 minutes.

​Treatment costs are £200-290 depending on number areas needing treatment.
Skin tag removal costs from £150-£250 depending on size and location of tags.

Eyelid lifts are priced at £450 including all consultations and followup. Some patients may need a second eyelid treatment which will be charged at £350)

Post-treatment and recovery

It is normal to feel a burning sensation around the treated area, but nothing that would affect the rest of your day (unless the area treated is around the eyes, in which case we may recommend taking some time off from work). We will provide a skin cream to protect the area, which you should use for around a week. You will also need to avoid exfoliating and cleansing for around 7 days.

Side effects from Plexr soft surgery are usually minimal, and limited to swelling, soreness and some temporary crusting around the treated area.

​The treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and may not be suitable for those with very dark skin tones, due to the increased risk of hyper/hypopigmentation (dark and light spots). This will be discussed in your consultation.

Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor
Excellent results
Andrew Sutcliffe
Andrew Sutcliffe
Dr Takhar is very personable, listens to your needs and advises accordingly. Had several visits and have no hesitation in recommending. Very pleased with the results.
Have had my Botox done here for years and would not go anywhere else. Professional, friendly and a very relaxed atmosphere.
Jackie McBeath
Jackie McBeath
Dr Amrit Takhar was really reassuring and put me at ease for my first Botox treatment. Really pleased with the results.

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